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Freemasonry on the Internet

While the UKML was originally begun for Masons in the UK, it has now grown to haveĀ  over 1200 members spread over the four quarters of the globe.

For all intents and purposes, the UKML operates as if it were Tyled in the First Degree, so all from the rank of EA may benefit from it.

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Dear Sir and Brother,

The "UKMASON-LIST" is a closed list for the discussion of matters relating to Freemasonry in the UK by Freemasons. It is anticipated that most subscribers will be Masons in the UK but also that members of overseas Grand Lodges may also have an interest in Freemasonry in the UK.
The "UK Mason List" also provides an opportunity for Brethren visiting the UK to make contact with UK Brethren and vice versa.

Behaviour on the list must be Masonic at all times.

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