The UKMason List

Freemasonry on the Internet

While the UKML was originally begun for Masons in the UK, it has now grown to haveĀ  over 1200 members spread over the four quarters of the globe.

For all intents and purposes, the UKML operates as if it were Tyled in the First Degree, so all from the rank of EA may benefit from it.

UKMASON-LIST is the foremost Internet Mailing List and Google Group for all United Kingdom Masons and interested overseas Brethren recognised by UGLE. It is a closed (non-tyled) list.

UKMASON-LIST is intended to complement existing services, not to compete with them. The primary intent of the list is to permit the discussion of purely parochial matters within the United Kingdom, the majority of which would be of very little interest to overseas based Brethren.

Matters of global interest are best dealt with in international groups. UKMASON-LIST is not set up as an international group, neither do we intend it to become such. Although there may be a desire for a closed international mailing list we are not qualified to run such a group (the complexities of remembering who recognises whom at any given time are, IOHO, prohibitive).

UKMASON-LIST has been given global publicity for two reasons, firstly to contact UK based masons, and make them aware of our existance, and secondly as a service to overseas Brethren who may be considering visiting the UK and want to post a message along the lines of "Are there any online Brethren in Nether Wallop?" without increasing the noise level of the international mailing lists and newsgroups.

The closed status of this list is a convenience to keep the noise level down, not to permit discussion of ritual matters, and to discourage subscribers who would have little real interest in the postings made to the group.